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Runners for wave curtains

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  • Volledige controle over uw gordijnen via afstandsbediening, telefoon app & voice control.
  • Slimme beveiliging, privacy & energie besparing voor uw huis.
  • Fluisterstille, onzichtbare kwaliteitsmotor die t/m 50 kg gordijnen kan trekken.
  • Verkrijgbaar t/m 820cm. Langer nodig? Contact onze klantenservice.

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Included in your kit

+ Slimme motor
+ Afstandsbediening
+ Rails op maat incl. runners
+ Muurbediening

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Best Electric Curtain Rails 2022 & 2023!

#1 Best Electric Curtain Rails & Curtain 2022

"High quality with a very long life."

The #1 Best Electric Curtain Rails of 2022

"Perfect to connect to your smart home system."

Winner top 10 best electric curtain rails of 2022

"Strong, quiet and even drive."

Always. A helping hand.

We do 207,600 times open/close our curtains in our lives. From now on, make this fully automatic or on command. Let intelligent curtains serve you.

Improve sleep. More energy.

Wake up in morning light with automatic schedules. This increases serotonin production, improves the quality of your sleep and gives more energy daily.

Smart security. Bye thieves.

Day out or on vacation? Let your curtains pretend you're just at home. That keeps thieves away. Are you coming home? Open your curtains automatically via location mode.

Whisper-quiet hidden engine.

All attention on the curtains with FLEXXII®'S quiet, strong and even quality engine that hangs behind the curtain in the left or right corner.

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