For the love of automated efficiency

Welcome aboard FLEXXII®. A company from Dutch soil originated from an unwavering passion for efficiency. Automation of processes and products is anchored in our DNA. With one simple goal in mind: optimizing your comfort by applying innovation and pioneering (remote) technology at home.

At FLEXXII®We only have 1 drive: How can we organize life more comfortably and more fun! Simple: by linking automation to simple and usually manual elements.

And so is FLEXXII®Originate. The luxurious automatic curtain to successfully start your morning and, very relaxed, end the evening chic. Voice Controlled met Google Assistant of Amazon Alexa. Volautomatisch. But also simply via 1 click on the remote control, smartphone or physically via the touch motion (by gently touching the curtain).

FLEXXII®: The luxury full-automatic curtain. For the love of comfort & efficiency.