How these smart curtain rails save the Dutch millions of curtain operations per year.

Hoe deze slimme gordijnrails Nederlanders miljoenen gordijn handelingen per jaar besparen.

If you live in the Netherlands, chances are you 've heard of electric curtain rails.

FLEXXII has revolutionized the window cladding industry with their innovative curtain rail systems that not only look luxurious, but also save people time and money.

These smart curtain rails have now saved the Dutch millions of manual "curtain actions". Let's explore why this is such an incredible development for homeowners across the country-and why you might need to invest in these solutions for your own home.

The Dutch manually open and close the curtains thousands of times a year.

Without a doubt, convenient curtain rails are outdated. If you 've ever used one, you know they require manual control-meaning that no matter how tall or small you are, you often have to struggle to get your curtains open and closed.

This is especially true if you install them too high on the wall-a mistake that many homeowners make when installing traditional rails. But fortunately this is no longer a problem with the smart curtain rails from FLEXXII!

Why people never want to go back to normal curtain rails after trying FLEXXII smartrails.

The innovative motorized curtains from FLEXXII not only look luxurious, but are also incredibly practical.

Thanks to their easy-to-use remote control, all types of curtains can be opened and closed at any height quickly and easily-without even getting off the couch!

In addition, because they are made of durable materials such as stainless steel, they last longer than regular curtain rails-which gives further savings over time. And let's face it-who wouldn't want to own something as luxurious as motorized curtains?

How investing in these smart FLEXXII curtain rails is not only an ultimate luxury, but also a sustainable one.

Investing in FLEXXII's smart curtain rails not only saves time and effort thanks to the handy remote control, but is also a sustainable investment.

The rails come with a five-year warranty-which means you don't have to worry about replacement! And because they use less energy than regular curtains (they close automatically when it gets dark outside), they help reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%.

So not only do these smart curtains look great and save time-they also help people save money on their electricity bills!


Investing in FLEXXII's smart curtain rails may seem like an expensive decision at first glance-but it's actually one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make!

These motorised curtains not only look luxurious and save time with their handy remote control-but they're also incredibly durable and energy efficient-making them a sustainable investment that pays off over time.

And thanks to the five-year guarantee, you can be confident that your investment will last for years! So if you're looking for ultimate luxury combined with durability-then look no further than FLEXXIIs smart curtain rail solutions!