8 Ways How Smart Curtains Improve Your Home and Life

8 manieren hoe smart gordijnen uw woning en leven verbeteren

1. Get that luxurious soothing feeling daily

That luxurious moment where you really relax at your favorite place in the house.

When your curtains are closed on command or automatically, it gives a wonderful soothing feeling.

2. Save time and energy

Get back the only thing irreplaceable: time!

To open and close all the curtains every day takes a lot of time and energy if you add all that together.

If you have 6 curtains, that's about 4,380 acts a year!

3. Create and strengthen your rhythm

Make getting up easier and more natural by5 minutes before your alarm clock goes offFLEXXII allow the curtains to open automatically.

4. Stay on the couch

Watch movie or series? Lekker.

Stay comfortable or lie on the couch and set your smart curtains in cinema!

Unfortunately, the snacks and drinks do not come to the bank automatically yet ..

5. Impress your visit

I will never forget how my family reacted to my new curtain system.

You should see the expression on their faces. Great!

6. Replace your alarm clock with natural daylight

If you already have a pretty strong rhythm, you could in principle live without an alarm clock.

No guarantees, but I haven't overslept yet!

7. Next-level privacy

At sunset, all curtains close automatically.

And when you're on vacation, your curtains make like you're at home.

This keeps thieves away.

8. Curtains stay clean longer

Because you hardly touch your curtains anymore, they get dirty less quickly and that saves extra effort and/or dry cleaning costs.